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Recommended Reading for closing the skills gap

DACUM: The Seminal Book – 2nd Edition

DACUM stands for Develop A Curriculum. The 2nd edition of this book provides an updated and detailed explanation of the DACUM system originally developed by R.E. Adams which is utilized for developing occupational training. This text provides readers with the only resource guiding practitioners through the development of a DACUM learning program, from the analysis of an occupation to the evaluation of learning.


DACUM: The History of Develop A CurriculUM

In this book, DACUM originator, Robert E. Adams expresses openly and succinctly about the development of DACUM, debunking many of the myths and half-truths. Pieces of the DACUM history jigsaw puzzle will finally be put together by placing historical events in their rightful locations providing readers with an accurate depiction of DACUM and its underlying stories.


DACUM The Coordinator’s Guide to Occupational Analysis

The coordinator’s role in an occupational analysis has long been the key to building effective DACUM Charts. In order for an occupational analysis to be successful, coordinators must have the competencies and skills to effectively guide committees, develop accurate skill statements, and properly structure and sequence DACUM Charts. In this book, DACUM originator R. E. Adams skillfully walks potential coordinators through occupational analysis in greater detail than ever provided before.