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“Amazing, completely amazing! I can’t wait to begin working on this with my Local. These tools will allow me to train more effectively and build better journeyworkers.”

Quote from workshop participant

Program Assessment

Sometimes it helps to have an outsider’s perspective. Edwin & Associates can perform an apprenticeship program assessment to determine current performance. This assessment is not an indictment or meant to overshadow the years of progress and success a program has experienced, but to provide a fresh point of view. Through a qualitative and quantitative review, Edwin works with key stakeholders to fairly and efficiently assess a program to determine areas with the highest potential for improvement and to identify what meaningful initiatives could be implemented to better serve both employers and apprentices. This consulting service is designed for Program Leadership who is passionate about improving apprenticeship programming to best ensure goals are met.

Program Refinement/Redesign

It has been expressed that programs are finding it exceedingly difficult to produce graduates that meet employers’ expectations. There was a day when a program was operated, a diploma was awarded, and everyone knew what it meant, particularly the employer who had been the recipient of previous graduates who performed satisfactorily. Today, these can be rare cases. Employment conditions are different, most occupations have changed or become more diversified, and the modern learner is certainly different. Employers are disappointed when an apprentice’s performance doesn’t match what the employer thought an apprentice should do. Naturally, attacks on the program surface.

One promising way of improving an apprenticeship program is through a program redesign. Edwin & Associates can analyze your trade to clearly identify and describe the desired performance. The sequence of learning will be determined to reflect how a new employee would acquire skills if training entirely in a job situation. Finally, the level of performance one would expect of a journeyman will be identified. Together, this data enables Edwin to redesign the apprenticeship curriculum that provides employers and apprentices with clear learning expectations along with a defined level of expected skill performance and curriculum that is sequenced enabling enhanced training transfer. The result, when implemented, is a program that produces graduates who meet and exceed employers’ expectations. This consulting service is for programs who have been criticized because certain graduates have failed to perform to expectations.

New Program Development

Edwin began developing new occupational training programs in 1968 when faced with the unusual and onerous task of rapidly designing, developing, and operating occupational training programs for disadvantaged adults. This work continues today as new industries and markets emerge. Edwin & Associates can develop from scratch a new occupational training program that is directly connected to the skills needed to be performed competently in an occupation. The process begins by working with a group of expert workers who are able to specifically define the skills needed to successfully perform. This consulting service is for leaders who face the unique challenge of rapidly designing and developing an occupational training program that is directly connected to what is done on the job and produces leaners who can demonstrate the successful transfer of skills.

Skill Assessment & Certification

In 1975, Edwin was contracted by the Canadian Federation of Chefs de Cuisine (now known as Culinary Federation) to develop a skill assessment and certification system for Journeyman Cook and Chef De Cuisine. A first of its kind certification was developed that specified skills, competencies, and minimum acceptable levels of performance which Cooks and Chefs must demonstrate to earn certification. This valid and reliable performance-based system was enormously successful and accepted to certify labor.

With more than 40 years since the Professional Cooking certification, Edwin & Associates continues to offer services to develop certification systems that meet federal, state, licensing body, or professional association requirements. This consulting service is for individuals who seek to update or develop certifications to meet licensing and credentialing mandates imposed by state and federal statutes.

Workshops (International Foundation Workshops)

Edwin offers workshops through the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (IFEBP) titled “Designing Curriculum to Close the Skills Gap”. Each event is a three-day, hands-on workshop that will help seasoned and new professionals improve the development, delivery and evaluation of learning by providing a proven process to incorporate into their apprenticeship programs. Upon completion, participants will understand and be able to apply a systematic approach to deliver a more impactful apprenticeship program. This consulting service is for individuals who are interested in:

  • LEARNING how to improve apprenticeship program performance with greater learner efficiency, effectiveness and engagement
  • BUILDING a curriculum road map that will prepare programs for success today and in the future
  • GAINING a foundation in analysis to ensure training initiatives are aligned and have the expected impact
  • SEQUENCE LEARNING to enhance learning transfer to the worksite
  • DETERMINING expected performance levels of skills for successful employment and assess learning impact to drive continuous improvement